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reaktsioner (03.02.2013 14:15) не в сети не в сети
1. Waiting for the Wedding;
2. When Will We Arrive There;
3. Calling for the Bride;
4. Eat, My In-Laws!;
5. Home Is Crying for the Bride;
6. Bride Cries for Home;
7. Wedding Ride;
8. Arriving at the Bridegroom`s Home;
9. Do You Approve of Your Daughter-In-Law?;
10. Don`t Hit the Newlywed!;
11. Teaching the Newlywed Diligence;
12. Cheating Bridegroom;
13. Many Gifts from the Bride;
14. Collection Piggin;
15. Song of Thanks For the Money Collection;
16. Many Words;
17. Must Go Home.
reaktsioner (03.02.2013 14:09) не в сети не в сети
1. Cannot Live Without Joy;
2. Mocking the Groom;
3. Beauty Disappears from the Yard;
4. Eat, My In-Laws!
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