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`` (`Les Papillons`) (1881)

 `` (`Les Papillons`) (1881),  ()


`` (`Les Papillons`) (1881)

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Debussy`s autograph manuscript of Les Papillons, composed most likely in 1881, is now in
the collection of the Music Division of The New York Public Library for the Performing
Arts. Drawing upon this unique resource, this beautifully designed publication includes
the first Performing Edition of Les Papillons, transcribed by Marie Rolf, as well as a
facsimile of the Debussy manuscript. An essay by Rolf describes the provenance of the
manuscript and the editorial practices followed in the transcription.

This setting of a poem by Theophile Gautier has been virtually unknown since Debussy`s
time. The song received its world premiere only in 1962, some 80 years after its
composition, at New York`s Town Hall; on that occasion, conductor Wilfrid Pelletier
observed in a program note that `to my knowledge, this song has never been mentioned by
any biographer, nor sung in public.` More recently, in February 2004, the work received a
rare performance--by acclaimed soprano Renee Fleming--as part of the recital `The Art of
French Song,` at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

In making Les Papillons readily accessible to today`s performing artists, this special
edition ensures and enhances the reputation of this early song by a master composer.

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