Уолтер Бачинский

10 piano pieces for children
3 choral pieces
3 improvisations op.17
3 preludes for piano
3 Songs for Soprano and String Quartet (From Poems by Dorothy Sandler Glick)
4 corners of Gregory a (work for classical guitar)
4 songs for Baritone and Accordion
5 songs for Julia for baritone and piano
6 miniatures for string quartet
7 miniatures for orchestra
7th and Lakeshore for Tuba, Gongs (Tuned) and Marimba
8 preludes for piano
A lullaby for the accordion
April calendar
Aria and scherzo
Aries quartet for clarinet, violin, viola and cello
Cameo for flute and string trio
Cameo II for bassoon, violin, viola and cello
Capricorn suite for guitar solo
Concert Piece No. 1
Concerto for piano and orchestra
Concerto for violin and orchestra
Cradle song, vocalise and elegy
Divertimento for 4 solo instruments (for clarinet, bassoon, violin and cello) op.15
Divertissement №1 for guitar orchestra
Divertissement №2 for harp, accordion and vibraphone
Divertissement №3 for percussion
Duo for double bass and piano
Elora quartet (for violin, viola, cello and piano)
Fantasy on themes from the past
Flowers and bouquet
Gemini quartet (for oboe, violin, viola and cello)
Gradus ad Buczynskium (25 pieces for piano)
Horn trio (for horn, violin and piano)
How some things look (13 songs for soprano, flute, clarinet, cello and piano)
In paradisum
Legends for string orchestra
Libra, libra for 2 accordions
Litanies for accordion and percussion
Lyric for piano and orchestra
Lyric II for piano and orchestra
Lyric III for cello and orchestra
Lyric IX for violin and orchestra
Lyric V for oboe and strings
Lyric VI
Lyric XIV vocal quartet and strings, a ballade of peace
Lyric XIX for piano and string orchestra
Lyric XV in memoriam krena, for soprano, piano and string orchestra
Lyric XVI for string orchestra, in memory of Edwin Spencer
Lyric XVII for tenor and string orchestra
Lyric XVIII for baritone and string orchestra, in memoriam of Srul Irving Glick
Lyric XXI for soprano and string orchestra
Lyric XXII for clarinet and string orchestra
Lyric XXIII for flugelhorn, accordion and string orchestra
Lyric XXIV Highway of heroes; for soprano and string orchestra
Milosc (Love)
Miserere for 4 french horns, organ, and percussion
Missa brevis
Monogram for piano
Mother Daughter for soprano, mezzo-soprano and string quartet
Naked at the opera (one-act opera)
Olympics `76 a work for brass quintet (for horn, 2 trumpets, trombone and tuba)
Piano quintet for piano and string quartet
Piano trio №2 for violin, cello and piano
Poeme for little Cole (for solo piano)
Prayer and dance
Projection for accordion and string quartet
Psalm 51
Remembrances of Latin Texts
Resurrection II for baritone and chamber ensemble
Rhapsody for two horns and string orchestra
September edition for guitar
Seven pieces for piano for children in the early grades
Solennel et fantaisie for piano
Sonata belsize for accordion
Sonata de Cameron (Sonata for Piano № 2)
Sonata for cello and piano
Sonata for violin and cello
Sonata for violin and piano in one movement
Sonata № 1 for piano
Sonata № 2 for viola and piano
Sonata № 3 for piano
Sonata № 4 for piano
Sonata № 5 for piano
Sonata № 6 for piano
Sonata № 7 for piano
Sonata № 8 for piano
Sonata № 9 for piano
Sonata №10 for piano
Sonata №11 for piano
Sonata №12 for piano
Sonata №13 for piano
Sonata №14 for piano
Sonata №15 for piano
Sonata №16 for piano
Sonata №17 for piano
Sonata №18 for piano
Sonata №19 for piano
Sonata №20 for piano
Sonata №21 for piano
Sonata №22 for piano
Sonata №23 for piano
Sonata №24 for piano
Sonata №25 for piano
Sonata №26 for piano
Sonata №27 for piano
Sonata №28 for piano
Sonata №29 for piano
Sonata №30 for piano
Sonata №31 for piano
Sonata №32 for piano
Sonatine pour le piano
String quartet №2
String quartet №3 (with soprano voice)
String quartet №4
Suite for woodwind quintet op. 13
Summer days, summer nights
Symphony № 1 for full orchestra
The Eight Day Week Series (Featuring piano, soprano, flute, clarinet, french horn and cello)
The tales of Nanabozho for narrator and woodwind quintet
Theme and variations for accordion
Three portraits for piano
Three `kind of popular` pieces for flute and accordion
Trio for clarinet, cello and piano
Trio for violin, cello and piano
Two French love poems for soprano, flute and piano
Winds (for flute, violoncello, celesta, harpsichord and percussion)
Words, Words, Words (Thirteen songs for children`s voices and piano)
XI - Fantaisie, berceuse, barcarolle (for piano)
Zeroing in
Zeroing in - zeroing out
Августовская коллекция (The August Collection): 24 прелюдии для фортепиано (1987)
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