Джозеф Барнби
Джозеф Барнби (1838–1896)

Allegretto для органа
Andante Grazioso для органа
Gloria Patri для органа
Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All (1872)
Larghetto con moto для органа
Larghetto in C major для органа
Sweet and Low
The Harvest-Tide Thanksgiving
The Haven
Антем `As we have borne the image`
Антем `Awake up, my glory`
Антем `Behold, I bring you good tidings`
Антем `Beloved, if God so loved us`
Антем `Blessed Be the Lord God of Israel`
Антем `Break forth into joy`
Антем `Hear our prayer`
Антем `I will give thanks`
Антем `It Is High Time to Awake out of Sleep`
Антем `Let the Words of My Mouth`
Антем `Like silver lamps`
Антем `Make Me a Clean Heart, O God`
Антем `O Lord, how manifold are Thy works`
Антем `O Risen Lord!`
Антем `Sing and Rejoice`
Антем `Sing to the Lord of Harvest`
Антем `Sweet is Thy mercy`
Антем `The eyes of all wait upon thee`
Антем `The Grace of God That Bringeth Salvation`
Антем `Thou shalt guide me`
Антем `Thou, Lord, art our Father`
Гимн `Abide with me (I)`
Гимн `Abide with me (II)`
Гимн `Again the morn of gladness`
Гимн `All praise to Him who built the hills`
Гимн `All praise to Thee, my God, this night`
Гимн `Alleluia! Alleluia! hearts and voices heavenward raise`
Гимн `And is it true, as I am told`
Гимн `Angels from the realms of glory`
Гимн `Arise, O God, and shine`
Гимн `Art thou weary, art thou languid`
Гимн `As now the sun`s declining rays`
Гимн `Before the day draws near its ending`
Гимн `Beneath the Cross of Jesus`
Гимн `Brightest and best of the sons of the morning`
Гимн `Brightly gleams our banner`
Гимн `Cantate Domino`
Гимн `Christ the Lord is risen today`
Гимн `Christian, dost thou see them?`
Гимн `Cloisters`
Гимн `Come Thou, O come`
Гимн `Come to our poor nature`s night`
Гимн `Come unto Me, ye weary`
Гимн `Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove`
Гимн `Come, ye thankful people, come`
Гимн `Crossing the bar`
Гимн `Crown Him with many crowns`
Гимн `Father, in Thy mysterious presence kneeling`
Гимн `Father, let me dedicate`
Гимн `For all the Saints`
Гимн `For the apostles` glorious company`
Гимн `Forever with the Lord`
Гимн `From the Cross the blood is falling`
Гимн `Gently, Lord, O gently lead us`
Гимн `Gird your loins about with truth`
Гимн `God from on high hath heard`
Гимн `God, that madest earth and heaven`
Гимн `Great God, who, hid from mortal sight`
Гимн `Hallelujah! He is risen`
Гимн `Hark! hark, my soul`
Гимн `Hark! the sound of holy voices`
Гимн `Hark, round the God of love`
Гимн `He that goeth forth with weeping`
Гимн `Hear, O Jesu, Israel`s Shepherd, hear us`
Гимн `Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face`
Гимн `High in heaven the sun shines his worship to Thee`
Гимн `His for ever`
Гимн `Holy, holy, holy`
Гимн `Honour and glory, thanksgiving and praise`
Гимн `Hosanna to the living Lord`
Гимн `How pleasing is the voice`
Гимн `I do not ask, O Lord, that life should be`
Гимн `I gave my life for thee`
Гимн `I heard the voice of Jesus say`
Гимн `I know not if, or dark or bright`
Гимн `I lay my sins on Jesus`
Гимн `I lift my heart to Thee`
Гимн `I met the good Shepherd`
Гимн `I was wandering and weary`
Гимн `In sweet consent, let all the anthem sing`
Гимн `I`ve found a Friend`
Гимн `Jesu! the very thought is sweet`
Гимн `Jesu, lover of my soul`
Гимн `Jesu, my Lord, my God, my all`
Гимн `Jesus, we love to meet`
Гимн `Jesus, who calledst little ones to Thee`
Гимн `Jubilate`
Гимн `Just as I am, Thine own to be`
Гимн `Just as I am`
Гимн `Laudes Domini`
Гимн `Lead us, O Father, in the paths of peace`
Гимн `Lead, kindly Light`
Гимн `Let all our brethren join in one`
Гимн `Let me be with Thee, where Thou art`
Гимн `Let us all in concert sing`
Гимн `Light of those whose dreary dwelling`
Гимн `Little beam of rosy light`
Гимн `Lo, God is here; let us adore`
Гимн `Lo, sea and land their gifts outpour`
Гимн `Longwood`
Гимн `Lord of our life`
Гимн `Lord of the harvest, Thee we hail! (I)`
Гимн `Lord of the harvest, Thee we hail! (II)`
Гимн `Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing`
Гимн `Lord, thy glory fills the heaven`
Гимн `Lord, thy ransomed church is wakin`
Гимн `More love, O Christ, to Thee`
Гимн `My Father, for another night`
Гимн `Near the Cross was Mary weeping`
Гимн `Now are the days of humblest prayer`
Гимн `Now God be with us, for the night is closing`
Гимн `Now the day is over II`
Гимн `Now the day is over I`
Гимн `Now the labourer`s task is o`er`
Гимн `Now, on land and sea descending`
Гимн `O come to the merciful Saviour`
Гимн `O day of rest and gladness`
Гимн `O Father blest, Thy Name we sing`
Гимн `O Food, the pilgrim needeth`
Гимн `O happy band of pilgrims`
Гимн `O Jesu, Light of all below`
Гимн `O joyful sound! O glorious hour`
Гимн `O Lord of heaven and earth and sea`
Гимн `O Lord, be with us when we sail`
Гимн `O Lord, my God, do Thou Thy holy will`
Гимн `O love that wilt not let me go (I)`
Гимн `O love that wilt not let me go (II)`
Гимн `O love, how deep, how broad, how high`
Гимн `O mighty God, Creator, King`
Гимн `O paradise, O paradise`
Гимн `O perfect love`
Гимн `O Thou, who in the light dost dwell`
Гимн `O Thou, whose wondrous love had given`
Гимн `O voice of the Beloved!`
Гимн `O Word of God incarnate`
Гимн `O world, behold upon the tree`
Гимн `Our Lord is risen from the dead`
Гимн `Pilgrim, bend thy footsteps on`
Гимн `Pleasant are thy courts above`
Гимн `Praise, O praise our God and King`
Гимн `Praise, O Sion, thy salvation`
Гимн `Quiet, Lord, this trembling frame`
Гимн `Rejoice, the Lord is King`
Гимн `Rest of the weary`
Гимн `Sarum`
Гимн `Saviour! Thy dying love`
Гимн `Saviour, again to Thy dear Name we raise`
Гимн `Saviour, blessed Saviour`
Гимн `Sing alleluia forth in duteous praise`
Гимн `Sing to the Lord a joyful song`
Гимн `Sleep on, beloved`
Гимн `Sleep thy last sleep`
Гимн `Softly now the light of day`
Гимн `Souls of men! why will ye scatter`
Гимн `Spring-tide hour`
Гимн `St Chrysostom`
Гимн `St Sylvester`
Гимн `Stand up! stand up for Jesus`
Гимн `Standing forth on life`s rough way`
Гимн `Still will we trust`
Гимн `Still, still with Thee`
Гимн `Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear`
Гимн `Tender Shepherd, Thou hast stilled`
Гимн `That day of wrath, that dreadful day`
Гимн `The crown is on the Victor`s brow`
Гимн `The day is gently sinking to a close (I)`
Гимн `The day is gently sinking to a close (II)`
Гимн `The day is past and over`
Гимн `The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended`
Гимн `The fields are all white`
Гимн `The foe behind, the deep before (I)`
Гимн `The foe behind, the deep before (II)`
Гимн `The Lord be with us as we bend`
Гимн `The morning bright, with rosy light`
Гимн `The radiant morn hath passed away`
Гимн `The radiant sun, declining`
Гимн `The roseate hues of early dawn`
Гимн `The sower went forth sowing`
Гимн `The strife is o`er, the battle done`
Гимн `The valleys and the mountains`
Гимн `The way is long and dreary`
Гимн `There is an hour of peaceful rest`
Гимн `There is no name so sweet on earth`
Гимн `This is the day of light`
Гимн `Thou art coming, O my Saviour`
Гимн `Thou art gone to the grave`
Гимн `Thou didst leave`
Гимн `Thou knowest, Lord, the weariness and sorrow`
Гимн `Thou who didst stoop below`
Гимн `Thou whose almighty word`
Гимн `Thou, who dost build for us on high`
Гимн `Thrice-holy Name!`
Гимн `Through the day thy love has spared us`
Гимн `To Thee, O Comforter divine`
Гимн `Today Thy mercy calls us`
Гимн `Twixt gleams of joy`
Гимн `Upraised from sleep, to Thee we kneel`
Гимн `Victim divine, Thy grace we claim`
Гимн `We come unto our fathers` God`
Гимн `We March, We March, To Victory`
Гимн `We plough the fields, and scatter`
Гимн `Welcome, happy morning`
Гимн `When all thy mercies, O my God`
Гимн `When day`s shadows lengthen`
Гимн `When God of old came down from heaven`
Гимн `When I survey the wondrous cross`
Гимн `When morning gilds the skies`
Гимн `When shades of night round us close`
Гимн `When the day of toil is done`
Кантата `Rebekah`
Песня `A cradle song of the Blessed Virgin`
Песня `Come hither, ye faithful`
Песня `Darkness fell on the weary earth`
Песня `Men of Harlech`
Песня `O Babe in manger lying`
Песня `O little town of Bethlehem`
Песня `The Beggar Maid`
Песня `The Day Is Past and Over`
Песня `The Virgin is hushing her Baby`
Песня `What Child is this?`
Псалом `Have mercy upon me, O God`
Псалом `The Lord is King`
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