Вольфганг Боттенберг

Вольфганг Боттенберг (1930–2018)

A suite of carols
All Mein Gedanken (variations for piano-trio)
Christmas fantasy for flute, clarinet, violin, viola and cello
Ciacona for alto-recorder and harpsichord
Concertino (1989)
Cunctipotens genitor deus
Duineser kantate
Elements of nature
Fa so la ti do re (for soprano saxophone or clarinet and string quartet)
Fanfare for horn, 2 trumpet, trombone and tuba
Fantasia serena
Five for five (musical images for woodwind quintet)
Four Emily Dickinson songs - № 1 `The grass so little has to do`
Four Emily Dickinson songs - № 2 `If I shouldn`t be alive`
Four Emily Dickinson songs - № 3 `A thought went up my mind`
Four Emily Dickinson songs - № 4 `I taste a liquor never brewed`
Liebeslied (Song of Love)
Marienlied (Song of Mary)
My funny little clock
Octet for wind and brass instruments
Overture for broken consort (for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and guitar)
Partita for recorder quartet, guitar, and viola da gamba (or violoncello)
Partita pour quatre guitares
Praise we our God
Prelude, aria and fugue
Recipes for animals (Four poems)
Recitative and allegro for clarinet and cello
Reflections of summer (for flute, viola and guitar)
Sinfonietta for orchestra
Six beastly songs - № 1 `The Encounter`
Six beastly songs - № 2 `The Fowler`
Six beastly songs - № 3 `Upon a snail`
Six beastly songs - № 4 `Moon-bat`
Six beastly songs - № 5 `Lion`
Six beastly songs - № 6 `Wanted - a witches cat`
Sonata for flute and clarinet
Sonata for piano duet
Sonata Modalis - for clarinet and piano
Sonata with variations on a south-German folk-song (for two alto-recorders and piano)
Sonata `Ave maris stella`
Suite for recorder quartet (with optional percussion)
Tetralogue for two flutes, clarinet, and piano
The mysterious flute (for soprano, flute, viola, horn and cello)
The world is a rainbow (a secular cantata based on poems for children by Henry Beissel)
Three Amerindian songs, version I
Three sketches
Three songs to poems by Robert Frost - № 1 `A minor bird`
Three songs to poems by Robert Frost - № 2 `What Fifty Said`
Three songs to poems by Robert Frost - № 3 `A semi-revolution`
Toccata (1991)
Träumerei for guitar solo (1976)
Trio for a viola, violoncello and piano
Trio for flute, clarinet, and piano
Valse mélancolique for two guitars (1977)
Variations for guitar and piano (1995)
Vier lieder
Опера `Inook`
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