Перси Олдридж Грейнджер

Перси Олдридж Грейнджер (1882–1961)

(Fauré) Nell, (Op.18 No.1)
(Tchaikovsky) - Piano concerto No.1 for piano solo
A Dance Rhapsody
Air and Variations for the Virginals: The Carmen Whistle
American Folk Dance: Spoon river
Andante con moto
Après un rêve
Arrival Platform Humlet
As Sally Sat A-Weeping
Beautiful Fresh Flower
Blithe Bells
Bridal Lullaby
Bristol Town
British Folk-Music Settings: No. 18, Knight and Shepherd`s Daughter
British Folk-Music Settings: No. 2, Sussex Mummers` Christmas Carol
British Folk-Music Settings: No. 38, The Merry King
Children`s March
Children`s March: Over the Hills and Far Away
Colonial Song, версия для оркестра
Colonial Song, версия для фортепиано
Country Gardens, версия для оркестра
Country Gardens, версия для фортепиано
Danish Folk-Music Settings: No. 8, Jutish Medley
Danish Folksongs Suite: No. 3, The Nightingale and the Two Sisters
Died for love
Duke of Marlborough Fanfare для оркестра
Early one morning (1912) (Anon. Arranged David Tall)
Eastern Intermezzo
Embraceable You
English Dance
English Dance для оркестра
English Waltz
Fisher`s Boarding-House для оркестра
Free Music №1 (1936) for four theremins
Free Music №2, для шести терменвоксов
Free Settings of Favorite Melodies: No. 4, Ramble on the Last Love-Duet
Fugue in A Minor, BWV. 904
Good-bye to love (1916) (Gibbs)
Green Bushes для оркестра
Handel in the Strand
Hard-Hearted Barb`ra Helen
Harvest Hymn, версия для оркестра
Harvest Hymn, версия для фортепиано
Hermundur Illi
Hill-song No. 2 (1907)
Hill-Song No.1
Horkstow Grange
In a Nutshell suite
In Dahomey (Cakewalk Smasher)
Jungle Book Cycle
Jutish Medley
Klavierstück in B-Flat Major
Klavierstück in D Major
Lincolnshire Posy
Lord Maxwell`s goodnight (1912) (Scott)
Lord Melbourne
Love walked In
Mo Ninghean Dhu
Mock Morris
Molly on the Shore
My love`s in Germanie (1903) (MacNiel)
My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone
Now, O Now, I needs Must Part
O Gin I Were Where Gowrie Rins
One More Day My John (Version 1)
One More Day My John (Version 2)
One More Day, My John
Paraphrase on Tchaikovsky`s ``Waltz of the Flowers``
Passacaglia on an English Folksong `Green Bushes`
Ramble on Love (from `Der Rosenkavalier` by Richard Strauss)
Recessional (1929) (Kipling)
Rimmer and Goldcastle
Ruffold Park Poachers
Sailor`s song
Saxon Twi-play
Scotch Strathspey and Reel
Sea Chanty Settings (1910)
Shepherd`s Hey
Six dukes went afishin` (1905) (Anon. Trad.)
Spoon River
Stalt Vesselil
Suite on Danish Folk-Songs
Suite «In a Nutshell»
The Brisk Young Sailor
The Gum-Suckers, марш из сюиты `In a Nutshell`
The Hunter in his Career
The Immovable Do
The lost lady found
The love song of Har Dyal (1901) (Kipling)
The Man I love
The Merry King
The power of love (1922) (Anon. Trad.)
The Rag-Time Girl
The rival brothers
The Rival Brothers (1905) (Anon. Trad.)
The running of shindand (1902) (Kipling)
The sprig of thyme (1920) (Anon. Trad)
The Sussex Mummers. Christmas Carol (1905–15)
The Three Ravens (1902 rev.1949) (Anon. Trad.)
The warriors
The Warriors (Music to an Imaginary Ballet for Orchestra and Three Pianos)
The widow`s party
There Were Three Friends для оркестра
Three Scotch Folksongs
To a Nordic Princess
Train Music
Train music
Tribute to Foster: Lullaby
Up-Country Song
Variations on a Theme by Paganini, Op. 35: Variation XII.
Walking Tune, версия для оркестра
Walking Tune, версия для фортепиано
We Were Dreamers для оркестра
Will Ye Gang to the Hielands, Lizzie Lindsay
Willow, willow (1912) (Anon. Trad.)
Youthful Rapture for Cello and Orchestra (1901)
Youthful Suite (1902)
Zanzibar Boat-Song, RMTB 6
`Australian Up-country Song`
`Irish Tune from County Derry` (b) для хора a capella (1902-20)
Песня `A Song of Vermland` для хора a capella (1903-04)
Песня `Brigg Fair` для тенора и хора (1906-11)
Песня `Dalvisa`
Песня `Mo nighean dubh`
Песня `Near Woodstock Town` (1903-51)
Песня `Shenandoah` для хора (1907)
Песня `Soldier, Soldier` для шести голосов и хора (1908-25)
Песня `Stormy (Pumping Chanty)` для хора (1907)
Песня `Ye Banks and Braes o` Bonnie Doon` (1901-32)
Песня `В сумерках` (`At Twilight`) для тенора и хора (1900–09)
Песня `Доллар-полтора в день` (`Dollar and a Half a Day`) для солистов и хора (1908-09)
Песня `Мэри Томсон ` для хора (1913)
Песня `О милая моя` (`O Mistress Mine`) для хора (1903)
Песня `Цыганская свадьба` (`Gipsy`s Wedding Day`) для хора (1906)
Песня занзибарских лодочников для фортепиано в шесть рук
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