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moon_river (09.08.2014 01:19)
`...This project based on a cumulative writing principle
develops the feeling of a meaningless, rather mechanical world.
It might be considered as a possible transcription of `Un Roi
Sans Divertissement`, a novel by Jean Giono that was published
at the end of the Second World War. In this book and its film
adaptation by Francois Leterrier, absurdity and violence are the
result of man boredom. There are pictures of white snow-covered
landscapes around a grey village with its black figures. Red is
added to this color range only when blood is shed as if it were the
only possible way of solving an absurd situation. Music, therefore,
is characterized by an apparent nonchalance, by a sort of very
simple sweetness, but the layers stack on, every recorded sign
remaining and weaving the line of a crescendo that ends in excess.
As Albert Camus did in `L`Etranger`, Giono wrote this book to say
the people`s lack of understanding when concentration camps were
I have written this music to tell the relentless mechanism, which
implies the disappearance of our perceptual processes and the
gradual erosion to which we are submitted...`
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