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Kuumuudessa (12.12.2012 18:33)
The Index Singer, .
, ..

...The drama is swiftly over, the investigating cast retire and the commentary-box is
occupied by the Index Singer, who, if the audience were to be in any doubt about the
representation they have just witnessed, sings an alphabetical index of the opera`s
vocabulary and usage. She will still be singing this list when most of the audience have
arrived home and are tucked up safely in bad, a long way off from this bitter
investigation of a composer`s death. Who is really to blame for the death of Rosa? Who is
this Investigatrix?
The investigation will continue.
Kuumuudessa (11.08.2013 06:14)
, : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2whTYfK_dM
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