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alexa_minsk (17.02.2018 11:48) не в сети не в сети
Сюита состоит из 7-ми пьес - 7-ми дней недели эльфа Оле-Лукойе, рассказывающего свои
истории маленькому мальчику Ялмару.

I. La noce des souris (The Marriage of the Mice).
In the moonlit chamber of Hialmar, who lies asleep in his bed, the mice convene. In the
ballet score this movement is labeled La Fete nationale des souris, and instead of a
wedding we have patriotic tales. Awakened, Hialmar witnesses the entrance of Shut-Eye
accompanied by two obsequious gnomes. Shut-Eye carries two embossed umbrellas; he
introduces Hialmar to the King and Queen of the mice. The mice make a carriage of his bed
and are about to draw it off when a huge stork alights in their midst and scatters the

II. La Cigogne lasse (The Tired Stork).
The stork, pursued by a turkey and two ducks, takes refuge with Hialmar who drives away
the tormentors. After being revived with water from a large bowl, the stork dances for
Hialmar and then flies away.

III. Le Cheval de Ferme-l`Oeil (The Horse of Ferme-l`oeil).
Hialmar jumps on his rocking horse to go after the stork but is thrown off his horse by
the Black Knight, who then takes his place. The Black Knight examines his notebooks, sees
that his lessons are badly done, and threatens him with punishment. A one-legged lead
soldier steps forward to defend Hialmar but is quickly broken by the Black Knight, who
makes a triumphal tour of the room and exits.

IV. Le Mariage de poupee Berthe (The Wedding of the Doll Bertha).
The doll Punchinello consoles Hialmar by inviting him to his wedding with Bertha. Bertha
is brought in in a box out of which she steps mechanically. The two gnomes, the friends of
Shut-Eye, arrange a backdrop on which are painted a church and a pastry shop. Punchinello
steals pastries from the shop window but, while all are enjoying themselves, a policeman
enters and they flee. The policeman ignores the thief but pulls Hialmar by the ear to the
blackboard where Hialmar has clumsily drawn letters of the alphabet.

V. La ronde des lettres boiteuses (The Round of the Lame Letters).
The misshapen letters leave the blackboard and dance. The model letter B performs for
them, and then straightens the lame ones with a wand.

VI. La promenade a travers le tableau (The promenade across the picture).
Hialmar steps into a large romantic painting, takes a boat ride on a shining river, finds
an attractive house and enters. Inside he discovers his old nanny, who rocks him and sings
him a little song. But he resists sleep and she gives him two large, embossed umbrellas,
the same two that Shut-Eye carried earlier. He opens one and finds a princess locked in a
tower. He frees her, accepts her thanks and opens the second.

VII. Le parapluie chinois (The Chinese Umbrella).
The embossing on the second umbrella reveals the Emperor of China, his daughter and his
court. The daughter is charming and Hialmar approaches her admiringly. The Emperor orders
him bound and chained, but the princess begs for his life and, securing that, then demands
that the Emperor marry them. Lifting the veil that half hides her face, Hialmar discovers,
of course, the little elf Shut-Eye. The Emperor and his executioner are none other than
the two gnomes. Shut-Eye throws sand in Hialmar`s face, inducing sleep, and they carry him
back to his bed and depart. A moment later dawn breaks, and Hialmar awakens to rub his
eyes and stare with astonishment around his room.

(Charles Burr)
musikus (17.02.2018 13:44) не в сети не в сети
alexa_minsk писал(а):
Сюита состоит из 7-ми пьес - 7-ми дней недели
маленького эльфа, рассказывающего свои истории маленькому мальчику Ялмару.
большой, но с французским, боюсь, напряженка. Лучше бы дать вместо этого просто названия
частей. Хотел восстановить их по-русски, но в сюите у Шмитта они как-то не соответствуют
андерсеновской сказке об Оле Лукойе. `Брак мышей` у Андерсена не понедельник, а четверг.
`Свадьба куклы Берты` не четверг, а пятница. `Китайский зонтик` - не воскресенье, а
суббота... Впрочем, у композитора, конечно, своя логика.
alexa_minsk (17.02.2018 14:32) не в сети не в сети
musikus писал(а):
Пост большой, но с французским, боюсь, напряженка.
Лучше бы дать вместо этого просто названия частей.
Французские в посте только
названия, а сам текст на английском.
Названия частей на французском и на русском есть в описании (в самом верху).
Да, Шмитт почему-то строго не соблюдал последовательность событий оригинальной сказки.
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