,  (Фосс)
Лукас Фосс (фортепиано)

Mildred Allen, soprano; Regina Sarfaty, mezzo-soprano; Loren Driscoll, tenor; Robert Oliver, bass. Samuel Barber, Aaron Copland, Lukas Foss, Roger Sessions - pianos. The American Concert Choir: Margaret Hills, director. Columbia Percussion Ensemble. Recorded in Hollywood,CA, December 21, 1959.
The Brooklyn Philharmonia Orchestra
The Long Island Symphonic Choral Association
The Gregg Smith Singers

Lukas Foss, conducting.

01 (05:35) I I Was Born on the Prairie
02 (06:07) II Dust of Men
03 (07:12) III They are Mine
04 (03:32) IV When the Red & the White Men Met
05 (06:35) V In the Dark of a Thousand Years
06 (02:44) VI Cool Prayers
07 (04:24) VII O Prairie Girl
08 (01:37) VIII Songs Hidden in Eggs
09 (12:12) IX Tomorrow
10 (11:12) Bonus trac
The Juilliard Orchestra. Recorded at the Juilliard Theater, New York City (USA), November 18, 1988.
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